Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby (Girl) Shower

I quite enjoyed making this cake; aside from the 12 hours of almost solid labour and a glass of red wine spilled across the top moments before I was done the beading on the border, I would say all went well. Thank goodness fondant is forgiving and didn't absorb any liquid! Emotionally though, I recommend leaving out the red wine (smirk).

This was based on a cake in the Wilton Yearbook; but I modified it to what I had available - Chocolate with Raspberry Buttercream underneath all that pink fondant. I didn't have the template book either so I eyeballed it from the book; the letters took forever because the chocolate fondant was getting too soft to work with - the knife would just drag the fondant around the table; so I had to sit and poke it to death with a tooth pick, lol! Needless to say I have since bought the fondant cutting tools for the more intricate work and should be able to pull it off in a more timely manner. I also am looking forward to my purchase of the template book.

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