Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Halloween!

See I knew I could make these better than last year! Although I wish I had made more time so I could have drawn faces on the pumpkins and ghosts. I was afraid of the cookie icing not drying enough for it before I had to package them up for two separate parties. I love the sheen on this type of icing. I also need to adjust my baking time for the different shapes, for example the cats baked much faster than pumpkins. I made fourteen for my daughter's preschool class party on the 28th, and another forty-seven for my son's class and their grade four buddies on the 29th.

I put them all in Halloween treat bags for convenience and sanitation I suppose :oP Stirling's class party was short so they could just take them home and with Madison I thought it was easier and less germy for the bunch of three year olds :o)

Baby Shower ~ Baby Girls in Basinet

I got a call for the 24th, from my good pal for an order for her girlfriend's babyshower. I went with eighteen Wilton inspired cupcakes. I chose a white cake with raspberry buttercream. They tasted delicious. I thought they turned out well, accept I would have made the pink darker as there wasn't enough contrast from the skin to the pacifier and bonnet.

Decorating Basics Final Student Projects

I finally gave in and taught Decorating Basics in October, having my last class on the 26th. I was getting over my laryngitis but I think I managed to pull through. At the same time I just can't seem to shake the chest cold I have. I start to feel better, and then the cough starts again. Humph! Anyhow as I promised my students I love to share my students accomplishments with my readers.
This session left me so impressed with my students. There originality on their projects were wonderful. I hope their friends, and family enjoyed them as I did.

This was the most unique - note the ribbon roses (last lesson before they decorated their cakes)very well incorporated. Perfect for Halloween!

Very cool!

I love copper!


Good use of all the techniques!


Everyone chose great colour and the symmetry was perfect - these ladies know how to design cakes like pros already! I'm sorry if I missed anyone. Please feel free to send it to me and I can share it as well. Be proud of your work ladies! See you in January 2011 for Flowers and Cake Design. I couldn't have asked for a greater group!

Pumpkin Pie

We had everyone to our home for Thanksgiving and my mom made the pies. I made our's after the holiday, leaving enough for bite size pies - the yummiest thing ever. I could have eaten pie forever. Note to mom - bake decorative pie crust then put on pie while cooling. :o)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Haven't Forgot You!

Sorry I haven't posted pics of my last class in October. My whole family has been passing colds around for over a month. I still had a bit of laryngitis when I taught my last class on the 26th and am currently battling a nasty chest cold. Please bear with me. I will post them soon I promise.