Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday....D'Artagnan??

Last week I wanted to make a cake just for us to eat. I was aiming for something sweet and tangy - going along with our beautiful weather we had had all week (up until Thursday morning). I went for a lemon flavoured cake with homemade lemon filling. My buttercream icing recipe makes enough to ice and decorate, and instead of shelving the leftovers I added some rosettes on the top with shell borders. I also had some leftover thin icing for lettering and just to appease my son I wrote Happy Birthday on it and added candles as he was turning 11 on Thursday.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Polka Dots - May 7

Here is the cake I did this past week. She wanted green with blue polka dots. This is what I came up with. I used the purple to tie all the elements together. This was a 10" round chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling and chocolate icing. I'm becoming rather efficient at making fondant ball borders - I remember the ball border on the Canada Day Cake seemed to take hours! I loved how the lettering turned out as I didn't have any cutouts for the right proportions to the cake. I used my ribbon cutter to get all the sizes the same for each letter and number and eyeballed the rest. Stirling got me the 101 Cookie Cutter Set for Mother's day; which would very much have come in handy for this project. I can't wait to use them - I have so many ideas!

(Madison got me a bird house for Mother's Day that I loved very much too - I can't wait for her to help pick out the colours)

Welcome Home Cake - May 1

For those of you who are still waiting on me to post, I'm so sorry :o(
This is the cake I baked for my baking bingo winner. She wanted a simple cake to welcome her husband home from Afghanistan. Even as I type that I still feel privileged to have done so. I haven't met many military families since my dad retired when I was a teenager, for shame I know.
This was a chocolate 6" square cake with chocolate icing - all homemade of course - with the added touch of the fondant ribbon :o)

Anyone know how to get the creases out of a cake divider mat? That was my only disappointment. Could I iron it between some towels - or would it just melt and ruin everything?