Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another week, another cake...

Sorry no pictures to post this time, everyone. I spent the latter of this week making another VAA cake for my mom's walking club. Same logo as before, except this time I needed to make it refrigeratorless friendly so I opted for store bought premade pudding for filling - thank you Hunt's. This was also my first time making a thick one layer 12X18 half chocolate and half vanilla (yellow). My cake recipes are two different consistency - and I thought for sure from what I could see was that the vanilla had taken over the pan and only left one third of it as chocolate. To my luck the layers actually overlapped one another in the middle equally on a perfect diagnol. Thank goodness buttercream icing is a maliable and forgiveable medium to work with. It hides things so well - note to self - let cake cool more - both before removing it from the pan and when slicing it in half horizontally. I let it cool for the recommended 15min. for the large pan and I also let it cool further for the minimum one hour - but lets see - the centre of the cake stuck so bad I had to freeze it in hopes it wouldn't fall apart completly when placed on the cake board. At least I knew immediately what my errors were. In the end you wouldn't have known the difference - cake is cake isn't it?
I have two cake projects planned for this week; so there will be plenty of pictures to come. Ta ta for now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Man Under the Tent....

This was my project early this week - D's birthday being on Thursday. I made cupcakes for our night at home with the four of us - mini versions

and had the cake for D's big party Friday night. I think I can model almost anything out of fondant :o) It was an awesome party - and the cake(s) were a hit!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mini Brownie Delights

I made up a batch of these tasty little morsels to promote RCT at my Events & Programs committee meeting. When I went to make them I didn't quite have enough chocolate chips so I substituted 2 oz. of Reese chips instead; with the chocolate buttercream they were a hit. This recipe makes so many I took a dozen to Stirling's school to thank the staff for there assistance with the Parent Advisory/Council over the year, and also to promote RCT again. I left my business card :oP I was hoping to promote it at the G-sale at our community league yesterday but I only rented an 8' table and ended up filling another with no room for my portfolio at all :o( Next time I guess. D would like me to make these for his clients - yey. Picture them with a mocha buttercream (instead of chocolate), Starbucks caramel drizzle - topped with a dark chocolate espresso bean...mmmmm; I think I would just do a solid mix of chocolate chips though. (Originally written June 6 - had to wait for pic - sorry the box is overpowering the little guys :oP)