Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Christmas Open House

Aside from all that other baking I finally had all the baking to do for our holiday festivities. We had a little open house and this was what I put out. Lots of h'ourderve type stuff (meat, cheese, crackers, veg and dip, spring rolls, meatballs), but I rebaked all the goodies I baked for the Christmas concert and then some.

I doubled the toppings on these as I found them on the thin side in the 9x13 pans I made for the Christmas concert that I had 1 1/2 x the recipe - raisin squares and lemon squares, I would quadruple the original recipe next time! The date squares and chocolate cookie buttons (biscotti like) didn't need any change, so I just made another recipe of those. I also made rumballs, which I ground for the first time with my Magic Bullet, the cake crumbs I dried in the oven. A little too fine though, so it was a little more difficult to get the ball to bind, but once it sat for a bit the moisture started to help; frangipan tarts, mincemeat tarts, reindeer antlers. I never got back around to making more shortbread or making the gingerbread house that I had planned to work on with the kids. The time just ran away from us all. We are almost finished all the goodies - only a few more rumballs to go. I did however buy fruit cake that turned out to be too dry - will buy from regular supplier next Christmas, and I also bought stolen, which I should have bought from the German supplier in our old neighbourhood :o( You eat and learn right? I wish I had pictures of my 28 pund turkey to share, but no one bothered to take a picture of dinner before it was devoured as I have always. This year I was too busy making sure everything was on the table and forgot all about it, until yesterday when I downloaded all the pictures. :oP

Gingerbead Boys and Girls

I made Gingerbread boys and girls for forty seven for Madison's Christmas party craft in December. I provided enough for the three year (Tues/Thurs, AM/PM) and four year old (Mon/Wed/Fri, AM/PM)programs. This was part of the Gingerbread Man theme for the month. I sent them in individual bags so the kids could take them home after decorating them during the party. It was a success. It was a craft that the teacher and I put together and I did it free of charge. Much more time consuming than anticipated as well. Was expecting to make two batches of cookie dough - ended up making four, as each batch only made about twelve 5" cookies, unlike the 24 it mentioned! The dough also needed to rest for two hours in between. Now I know if I offer my services next year.

I had a little dough leftover so instead of making cookie dough balls I used some cookie cutters and made a couple special ones for my kids. I don't usually take the time, but they had waited so long to try them.

Next year I'll supply the royal icing too :o)

Madison's Christmas Concert

300 treats for 150 moms, dads and children? Sure can!
I made these the day before my daughter's concert as a last minute favour for her playschool that I am on the executive for. I had fun, and what do you know - I can make 300 treats in one day!

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread and Chocolate Cookie Buttons

Raisin Squares, Date Squares and Lemon Squares

Autobots Cake

This was the cake I made for my son's sixth birthday. This was a chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling if I can recall - maybe someone else might remember :o(, I think that was his request. Chocolate icing too. Another buttercream transfer I did up. Turned out well. Yum!

Mr. Happy

This is a buttercream transfer of Mr. Happy I did for my girlfriend's son's fifth birthday in November, a couple days before Stilring's birthday literally. This was a white cake with bavarian cream and blueberry filling. It turned out really well, and tasted great!

I'm so sorry...

Well I have no excuses anymore. Santa brought me a new computer yey. I can't delay any longer. I apologize in advance for the borage of blogs your about to receive...