Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby Shower Cake Take 2 Oct 1

I got an order for a baby shower cake for the exact cake I made her for her baby shower almost two years ago! It was that much of a hit! This one was for her friend. I felt much more confident making it this time, being able to utilize all the right tools and having the template for the carriage sure helped a bunch. Last time I free handed it all. I had a little trouble doing the lettering as my chocolate icing was too hard. I was also able to make this a two layer cake as I had the correct pan. This was a chocolate cake with raspberry flavoured fresh whipped cream filling and raspberry buttercream, topped with baby pink fondant and chocolate fondant accents. I heard it was a great hit. The baby had already been born - I've noted Madison has become very popular, as it has it these days. What a great name. What can I say it was a very busy week for baking.

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