Thursday, April 11, 2013

Slap My Hand

I'm sorry I haven't been doing so well at keeping my projects posted as of late. Been working much more. So here goes. This is the cake I did for our 10 Year Anniversary in August. Our theme was black and red; went funky. I stuck to the original - white cake w. strawberry preserves and whip cream filling, vanilla icing w. white chocolate shavings, and I put together a simple gerbra daisy topper. This was Madison's 5th Birthday Cake from September - Dora theme. We did a strawberry cake; turned out pretty good; with strawberry cream cheese filling. This was Stirling's Birthday Cake from November - Johnny Test theme. This was chocolate all around. This Christmas the kids did a lot of the decorating for the sugar cookies - didn't they do a great job? Hope you like sprinkles. The kids and dad made me a cake for my birthday in December too; not bad decorating for a 5 and 8 year old. I did my usual cookies for the classes for Valentine's Day but didn't take a picture as they really look the same every year. I chose a cake for us from the front of the Kraft magazine. I did; however, make everything from scratch and used their recipe really just for the idea. This was a devil's food cake w. cream cheese icing filling and iced w. the same; it has chocolate ganache on top with a few white chocolate shavings for decor. It tasted great and didn't have the enormous amounts of icing sugar or cream cheese they called for in the original recipe. I have a few more people that won gift certificates at the last Christmas concert and hope to book them soon so I can fit them into my tight schedule. I'm still trying to teach Wilton classes at a local community hall, but have had no interest to date.

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