Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mom's Birthday "Wreckage"

I have to say that even someone who knows what they are doing has a bad decorating day. I made this one from a six inch pan, but each layer baked to just over 2 inches thick. So I thought I would halve them like a torte would be. Four layers was just too much and too heavy. My mom wanted the jam and whipped cream filling, so I did a good helping between each layer. Even with the edges dammed, each layer I added, the more it tried to gush out the edges. Icing it was a nightmare; with each stroke the cake would lean in any direction, any layer, they were are living on their own man :oP I staked it in the centre to make it more stable but it was already beyond saving. With my mom only less than an hour away I continued to decorate hoping no one would notice....nah, I didn't care - in true "Wreckorator" (sorry Jon) style I went with it. Note my subtle pipings to hide the mysterious lean. I had a good laugh; we all did.

I did however; unfortunately spell everything correctly and afterward wished I hadn't just to be in true "Wreckorator" style.

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