Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sampler Cake

I demonstrated the techniques to my students using a dummy cake for class two, for the Fondant and Gum paste Course. As I already had three of my own cake projects on the go, I chose a quicker method. I also used old fondant batches that I have - you might recognize the fondants from the shower cake I did at the end of August! The bright colours I used were to show how to make the borders, the lace draped doily, and the drape itself. I had issues with the drape as I had to assist one of my students. It dried out, as I didn't cover it, and made it difficult to achieve a nicer profile on the top portion of the cake. I showed the ladies how to cover the cake and the base in fondant the first class, and how to mix the colours in different manners.

Last week we continued on with our carnation bases that we prepared during the second class. I think they turned out beautifully. I also taught them how to make a daisy and leaf, a carnation leaf and a "fantasy" flower. I thought everyone's turned out beautifully.

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