Monday, January 25, 2010


Since I've been at home taking care of D this month; I found a lot of time to bake last week. It started at the beginning of the week with chocolate chip cookies, then I made rice krispie squares, I made chocolate cupcakes Saturday night from scratch for the kids, but I still had enough batter to make half of a cake. That 6" pan sure comes in handy. Sunday morning after breakfast, I halved the cake and did chocolate pudding for filling with vanilla butter cream icing and chocolate jimmies for effect. :oP It was a request by my son. :o)
I need to find a different recipe for chocolate cake; we like larger cupcakes and this one is too thin to have them bake over the top too much. Right now I use a Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe from Joy of Cooking. Alternatives appreciated.
My husband likes the picture - doesn't it look like the cake is floating in the middle of my kitchen...ooohhhhh. LOL

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