Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pie & Cookies

Last week I got a great deal on bags of apples from SOF and decided to work on my signature deep dish apple pie more. Last time I baked it I used a crumble (for the top) from a apple crumb recipe that is really yummy, but I didn't have any Peak Freans Shortbread cookies, so I tried another recipe. It called for walnuts or almonds, I chose walnuts. This pic was before I baked it; I piled it on so much but by the time it was done baking it looking like a normal height pie. The crumble was beautiful, but I think it would be even better with toasted almonds instead. I also decided that next time I will skip the higher temp bake for the first ten minutes as it seemed to over brown some of the walnuts; still delicious however.

(Sorry I didn't realize it was so shiny)

Since my demo cookies got mangled a la sales staff, merci :o( I promised to post pics of the ones I did up for Stirling's kindergarten class for his Valentine's party that was yesterday. I started decorating them on Thursday so the cookie icing could dry well. The teacher was so impressed and thanked me personally (for the first time I might add). I overheard his classmates telling their mommies all about them, I think having their names on them really won them over :o) Parmaan was on and on, anyways. I love to see their reactions and smiles especially. I planned to do borders, but didn't want to make up a batch of royal icing to do it :oP I was feeling lazy, but I still think they turned out great. I bless whomever invented edible markers as I am terrible at hand piping letters on anything as of late.

I also still have to figure out how to maintain the same temperature during baking, as I always end up with batches browned on every other batch. I think I need to babysit it more I guess.

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