Saturday, July 10, 2010


I say raspberry as the little phfftt noise it made as I squeezed out the first letter on my sons cake went fat and lumpy and yucky all at once. Insert eye roll of disgust here. :oP Aside from the wavy 'C' the cake didn't turn out too bad, at the same time I didn't feel that it was worthy of a full frontal shot if you catch my meaning. :o) Hee hee hee. Anyone know what I did with my 16in. piping bag I used to iced the darned thing with? It has since vanished without a trace, wahhhh, lol! I have the cake icing tip and no bag?? I'm at a loss. It's the land of nothing with the Beezus and Ramona paperback that vanished months back (I just replace it, so wish me luck).

The temperature was also sweltering making my icing thinner than usual making it more difficult to control, and with the time constraints I had, I don't think it turned out half bad. It was chocolate with chocolate pudding filling - how can you go wrong?

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