Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gum Paste & Fondant - Final Lesson

As I did last class I posted my students final projects. I think their talent shined through with these pieces.

I look forward to teaching them Flowers & Cake Design possibly in the new year. I am also gaining many more interested parties in my buttercream transfer class, I'm so excited, but need to find the time to do so, as I just began teaching Decorating Basics yesterday to ten new students! I'm rather excited, but am already finding difficulties with how the lessons have been planned out, vital information that should have been discussed with the students on positioning the bag, pressure are not being discussed until next week. I think next time I teach this I will work that into the first lesson before having the students put stars on their cookies or practice board. It would have made a big difference in their results.
My cake was made up of all the elements that I taught in class over the past four weeks and incorporate that days lesson into it as well. Note to self: don't put fondant pieces in a tupperware container on the counter above the dishwasher - the heat makes all your fondant go soft and makes the coloured flakes melt :o(

I think the flowers still looked fine once I dried them out again and reshaped a couple. I love cake dummies - otherwise I would have had another project running right along with the others from the previous week.


  1. Thanks for teaching the class Katrina! I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing news about the buttercream transfer class you are working on.

  2. I'm so appreciative of the positive feedback from my students! I'll keep you posted.