Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello Kitty - Madison's 3rd Birthday!

The week of the 20th was filled with lots of baking,as I've said :oP

Sorry this one won't post in landscape, funny it is in my file :o(
Friday I did up the buttercream transfer while Madison's cake baked away in the oven.

My daughter is very picky, not much of a chocolate lover either. This one was a 10" yellow cake with wildberry filling (ED Smith thank you) and fresh whipped cream. Simple buttercream icing in her favorite colour which was discussed only a few days before. Too bad I should have asked her the morning of her party as that turned out to be a "blue" day. LOL! I had iced it leaving placing her name and the transfer to right before it went on the table Saturday afternoon. It turned out great I think, everyone loved the filling.


  1. LOVE IT! great job on both cakes!

  2. I love Hello Kitty! Beautiful cake (and where did you get the the candle from?).

  3. Candle is from Wilton - I think Michael's might have it, I've seen it at Bulk Barn for sure. :o)