Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Halloween!

See I knew I could make these better than last year! Although I wish I had made more time so I could have drawn faces on the pumpkins and ghosts. I was afraid of the cookie icing not drying enough for it before I had to package them up for two separate parties. I love the sheen on this type of icing. I also need to adjust my baking time for the different shapes, for example the cats baked much faster than pumpkins. I made fourteen for my daughter's preschool class party on the 28th, and another forty-seven for my son's class and their grade four buddies on the 29th.

I put them all in Halloween treat bags for convenience and sanitation I suppose :oP Stirling's class party was short so they could just take them home and with Madison I thought it was easier and less germy for the bunch of three year olds :o)

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