Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Christmas Projects

The past few months have been a blur for me. I've been so busy with trying to find a job outside of teaching and have had some luck finally this month. I've only done one paid project so far this year (just this past weekend) and I haven't been doing as many "demos" either. I've had no luck trying to move my teaching onto the community side of things and am still trying to pull together students for a first course, so I can carry them through the four. I have only one student who seems serious for Course 4, the newest from Wilton, but with a store no longer paying me an hourly wage, whatever I make from my students is what I make minus 10% for the community league, which is alright. I get a free listing in the community league newspaper, but it's not driving marketing like I though it would.
Now that I've taken on contracts with some merchandising companies my schedule will be all over the place. I'm also waiting to hear back on a third interview for a full time tech rep position, which would entail a lot more commitment from many.
Here are some pics to get things up to date:

Stirling's Birthday - just a simple chocolate slab; we were starting to have problems with our camera then; so by the time we got one on hubby's work camera I had already cut into it and removed the candles.

These two are pics from our Christmas Open House; things you can use your cookie cutters for - cucumber "gingerbread" men, made great garnishes for many of my platters.

This was the Christmas cookie venture I did for the kids for school this year, I made these a couple years ago, went much smoother this time.

I made my gingerbread for the house from scratch this year, my Joy of Cooking cookbook has templates for it and everything. I had many Wilton bits put away from last Christmas (2010) that never got used, the kids got to decorate it with a little help from me, but not too much.
Stay tuned for 2012 baking...

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