Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day

If you hadn't already read about my busy long weekend of baking and decorating on my family blog, here are the pictures I promised.
For these cupcakes I used up leftover icing and the royal icing hearts from the cookie demo; I love how this stuff keeps when stored properly. I didn't have that much pink/white buttercream left yet (as I wasn't starting to decorate the heart cake until Sunday)so I opted for canned cream cheese icing to finish off; I can't remember the last time I used canned. It was in the fridge - petroleum products keep well past the so-called expiry dates anyways :oP I also used a blend of white and pink to give it the swirled look. I used my infamous yellow cake recipe that I alter and made this batter raspberry; while my heart-cake cooled I decorated the cupcakes. Got to have something to tide the kids over until they can eat the cake at dinner Sunday night. :oP

Certainly nothing too professional looking, but my kids really don't mind.
I made up raspberry buttercream and a Boston cream filling for the heart-cake on Sunday. I also made up dark chocolate shavings and edged it with raspberry jam. It was delicious. Tasted kind of like Viva Puffs :oP

Sorry about the glare, I thought this one illustrated the different sections better, and the colour was more accurate. However; my piping was a dark pink and the base icing was light pink.

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