Thursday, February 18, 2010

100th Day Celebrations

It was the 100th Day Celebrations on Tuesday at Stirling's school. I ended up halving my recipe as I needed 4 eggs and only had 3. It still turned out well, and using my convection setting on my oven has made for some more even cakes too. I made a little 6x6 square; lemon flavoured cake(at Stirling's request) with vanilla pudding filling, lemon buttercream and lemon fondant. I made the numbers using fondant molds the weekend before; twice I might add, as Madison found where I was drying them, snuck behind the curtain and proceeded to devour one 0 and half of a 1 before I caught her - sneaky girl - oh and then get this...She ate a corner of the cake Monday morning while I turned my head for 30 seconds; it was still cooling! She even snuck off to eat it in her room this time; thought she wouldn't get caught I guess. A little extra buttercream and some cake from the top from when I leveled it and voila.

The teacher and class loved the cake; its nice to get to sample the top I cut off of most cakes, I thought it had turned out well, wished we could have had more.

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