Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hippo Cake

....and the fanfare plays....nah just kidding!

For those of you my few loyal readers who have waiting ever so patiently. I have finished making my niece's Hippo cake last night at 8PM to be delivered downtown for 9PM, whoot!! I can't say how amazed at how it turned out and everyone loved it! I have an order for a Giraffe :oP Quit a few other people asked me to do one for their party too :oP I wished I had business cards, but that would have required a running car, which I didn't have this week :o( My niece knows them all too well and she will pass on info when needed :o)
Here is the gal you've been waiting for:

My first experience at going all "Ace of Cakes" on a baking project. I loved it! Wasn't nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. Mental notes from watching said show and Cake Boss came in handy :o)
I am on my way to take my portfolio shortly for our community league's baking bingo they are hosting tomorrow. I've promised to provide a voucher towards a tasty creation of mine, I just hope the person who wins is easy on the cake designing :oP

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