Monday, April 26, 2010

VAA 25th Anniversary

My mom asked that I make a cake for the VAA's AGM that was this past weekend. I felt quite excited to do this and a little apprehensive, didn't want to mess it up either :oP She presented me with the crest that she helped to design and I took it and blew it up to an 11x17 to fit on my 12x18 sheet pan. I love buttercream transfers, if you can colour and trace, you are pretty much unlimited to what you can draw with icing. Here is a shot of the logo being piped:

Here was the finished cake:

My yellow cake(vanilla/lemon flavoured)with homemade lemon filling and buttercream icing. I try to go thinner on the icing so the extra layer of the transfer isn't too much for the palette. I talked to my mom today and it sounds like everyone enjoyed the cake, and other orders may follow from other VAA locations. Could be great! I'm still concerned about my price point, as other local cake decorators are charging $120+ per layer/tier of cake. $65+ for customized cakes. Hmmm maybe I need to revamp my pricing more; I still want to stay competitive with SOF, Sobey's and Safeway, at the same time their idea of the logo and mine are on two totally different wave lengths. Most likely they would use the edible paper and scan the image, where as I hand piped the image that took me a better part of the afternoon and into early evening to achieve.
I also got a call from my Baking Bingo winner and will be working on a cake for her for this Saturday, I'm so excited. Not to give you any hints, but I feel honoured to bake a 'Welcome Home' cake for one of our troops. That is so touching. :o) Thanks so much for considering my talent for your reunion cake :o))

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