Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Customer?

I had only one cake project planned for September, and then I got a misterious call. Well, not really mysterious but very exciting. A repeat non-family customer! Ha Ha Ha The woman I had done the 'Leo' cake for last month for her boss' birthday as me to do one for her and a few ladies that were planning on having a multi-birthday celebration. I'm not sure why, but after that little boost of confidence, I felt compelled to email my babysitter's mom to see what she had planned for her birthday on the 6th. I didn't mean to cause a commotion, seems mum forgot a little as they were planning a bigger event on the 24th, but to my surprise wanted me to do a simple 6" cake for the actual day - she loves chocolate and buttercream icing - no fondant. I really enjoy making classic cakes with new techniques that I have learned over the last couple of years. This was a success, and I'm sure the 10" I'm making for the 24th will be as well.

Ifyou are wondering why it says 'Happy Birthday Customer' it is because her restaurant choice was the Japanese Village and when they sing happy birthday they sing 'Happy Birthday Dear Customer' instead of the person's name. Made everyone have a good laugh, especially the babysitter's girlfriend who didn't understand the writing until the song was sung. Ha ha ha very cute indeed!

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