Friday, March 19, 2010

Shamrock Cookies

This was my excitement earlier this week; baking and icing two dozen cookies for St. Patrick's Day for kindergarten. I thought two days was more than enough to have the icing dry, but not quite :o( A few stuck together in the box I sent them in :o(
I'm getting pretty efficient I can use the poured cookie icing and complete a cookie in less than two minutes! Whoot! A new record. I also iced the remaining three dozen (we figured, plus another dozen that were over done and not iced and eaten in between by all) since I had the icing, finishing them later Wednesday afternoon. It was a custom colour, so to keep it for another project and have to remix it, I'm sure I would still end up with a different tone; I'm good but not that good :oP
The class and teachers always appreciate the effort and they're really yummy! This time around there were some leftovers so Stirling shared some with his principle and one of the secretaries too, they really loved them too!
Stirling will be on Spring Break when Easter rolls around; so I am thinking of repeating the basket cake I did last spring just with some modifications. Stay tuned...

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