Monday, August 29, 2011

2-tiered Dolce de Leche Chocolate Baby Shower Cake - Aug 7

My one true project so far this year was for my $50 Voucher winner from my son's Christmas Concert winner from December. So really I have yet to make any real income this year. Oh well; too much stuff going on in our lives, hopefully will die down and I can focus on it more soon. This cake was probably closer to the $75 range but whatever, it's all good. My client requested Dolce de Leche filling; I had never made it before. I didn't even realize I didn't have a recipe for it until I needed it of course. Good old Internet, you can find anything on there these days. Very simple to make, but I messed it up right away, forgetting to cover the baking pan...I peeled off the gooey de leche that had formed on top (which I sampled until all gone, yum) and continued baking it with the foil on.

It turned out wonderfully anyhow, but I couldn't for the life of me keep it in the cake once I iced it. My icing dam didn't help; I even kept putting it in the fridge in between icing to make the surface hard and it still kept springing leaks in my fridge. I only had the top tier do a little leaking and it fixed up after I added another layer of icing after being chilled. The bottom 10" layer, would not cooperate; I just warned the client the dolce de leche was trying to escape as it was just too yummy to contain :oP It stopped leaking long enough to drop it off, but I mucked it putting it on the table a little; I'm sure it was a hit. I was invited to stay but we had some personal issues going on at the time too that needed to take precedence, unfortunately.

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