Monday, August 29, 2011

Confetti Angel Food Cupcakes - June 23

I completely forgot to take a picture of this one. It turned out to be a very interesting concoction; especially for the icing lovers in the crowd. I wanted to make a confetti style cake and use it for cupcakes. I was thinking of modifying one of my cake recipes, but couldn't decide the best tidbit to use for the "confetti". I left to the last minute and decided to cheat, but the only mix I could find was a confetti angel food cake mix. This baked up nicely in the pretty pink, yellow, purple, blue cupcake wrappers; although no matter how many times I tell myself; you still can't tell what the wrappers design or colour is by the end of baking, I still pick the cutsie stuff.

These were topped with pink buttercream icing as per my daughter's request. They were quite interesting once finished. Biting into it compacted the angel food cake making it almost taste like icing. At least my icing tastes good, and it was perfect for the all the preschooler's as that is their favourite part. You'll have to picture them with there little pretty pink swirls of icing ( I use a large rosebud style) with the pretty baby colours of pink, purple, yellow, blue wrappers. I really need to work on a recipe of my own for the cake, icing isn't my big draw when it comes to cakes.

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