Monday, August 29, 2011

Chocolate "Cause I'm Desparate" Cake ~ May 28

I have done a whole lot of nothing this year as you can tell. Personally my family and I have been swamped with so many things.
I haven't documented my baking projects as well this year either.
In March I did my usual St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Sugar Cookies for the schools, always a hit.
I did another project in April for both my son's and daughter's classes for Easter. -I sent decorated sugar cookie eggs all individually wrapped. For Madison's I sent undecorated and sent all the Easter colours (2 of each) in buttercream from for her and her classmates to decorate and take home to their families (if they didn't eat them first :oP) They all loved it.

The end of May I made a cake just cause I'm so bored :oP. I used my decorating triangle. Not bad for a first. I made chocolate pudding for the filling, my usuals, for the ultimate chocolate fix . It was a tasty cake. I made many other things between pictures, but regular baking isn't always ahh inspiring for photographs. Although I suppose this one isn't really either, lol.

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