Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Made Jelly Roll - August 22

As I mentioned before my blended jam turned out very well, but there was a reason behind making more even though the first batch hadn't been eaten up yet.
The weekend before last we had bought a jelly roll from the local grocery chain. Some prepackaged jelly-like roll with ingredients and a flavour I couldn't quite wrap my head around. It reminded me almost of a Twinkie or a pink sno-ball (I'm sure that's not what it's called); except the cream filling was off in the odd spot. I hadn't even finished a bite when we both decided I could make better. So the following day I proceeded to make my own. I made the cake portion in my 12 x 18; jelly roll style and pretty close to the same size. I really should pay attention when the recipe asks for wax or parchment paper; I thought my Wilton Cake Release would be sufficient to get the 3/4" cake out of the pan. Not so much; so unfortunately without being able to peel the wax paper away eliminating the "film" from the bottom of the cake; it was garbage. I wasted almost a dozen eggs that morning. I hadn't felt defeated as I already knew what I had done wrong. After lunch, my second attempt was a success! A lot in preparing the baked cake, but well worth the effort.

As the cake cooled I prepared my jam, strawberry/raspberry for the filling. I also whipped fresh cream and spread that on the jam on the cake. How do you keep the cream from squishing out the direction you are rolling? I had at least half of a cup I scooped off of the foil once I rolled it. I really need to work on my rolling skills. I need to sit and read that section a little more thoroughly in my Joy of Cooking cookbook. I only skimmed through the "Tips on how to roll the perfect jelly roll". Once it was chilled it held together quite well; and my rolling wasn't so imperfect as I had imagined it looking like. It was delicious sprinkled with icing sugar. As it sat in the fridge over a few days the icing sugar almost became a sugary crust on the cake making it even tastier. You know that old saying; gets better with age - this applies here as well.

(I apologize for the not-so-fancy tinfoil.)

It sliced very nicely showing all the layers perfectly; the end didn't do it justice.

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