Monday, August 29, 2011

Raspberries the size of Strawberries!

My raspberries put both the store bought clam shells and the strawberries to shame this year. I've never seen them strawberry size in my life! We've had this bush growing only for a few years and last years shoots were abundant with large berries this season.

(Note this is my husband's large hand; very big berries!)
I took off at least ten cups worth over the summer so far. I tried for the first time in my life to do some canning. You certainly can't eat all of them I suppose. I tried a recipe from Martha Stewart's cookbook of using just fruit and sugar. What a very simple method, and no weird ingredients. It was unfortunate that I scalded the jam as I was getting my jars out of the canner. Doh! I still thought it tasted fine as the it had only just started to, but I hadn't realized until the next day that it had solidified! Ack! Note scalding bad, even in the least. It is a delicious jam but requires a little heating in the microwave to get it out of the jar. I have two jars of it. :o(
I have since made another jar which I chose to do half raspberries and half strawberries that I didn't over cook and turned out quite lovely. Tastes wonderful on toast.

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