Monday, August 29, 2011

Red Berry Pie - August 16

I have had so many raspberries this summer. I found this lovely little recipe in the Kraft What's Cooking Magazine Summer 2011 issue. I was also able to get some really great deals on strawberries at my local grocery store this summer. 50% off 2lbs. - and I was able to take advantage of this sale twice; yey.

I made my rich & flaky pie crust from my Five Roses and used the remainder of the recipe from the magazine. I think it turned out quite well; those raspberries couldn't have a fuller fresher flavour; I wish this were scratch n' sniff blogger :oP I still chose to serve this with Cool Whip as I thought it was just synonomis with the raspberry jello. I think I could do this even more justice and change the jello to a regular glaze and use whipping cream; the grown-up version.

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